010 — 10% cbd oil


010 is a clean-tasting 10% strength CBD oil containing a blend of pure, fast-acting CBD, refined hempseed oil and carefully selected hemp terpenes.

This oil is recommended if you’re comfortable using lower strength CBD and are now looking to increase your daily dosage.

All our oils contain no trace of THC. None whatsoever.

Each 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD (10%) and around 200 drops — that works out at approximately 5mg of CBD in each drop. 

Every ingredient used in our oils is derived from the hemp plant. They are all completely natural, organic and ethically sourced, with no additives or preservatives.

Each batch of 010 is tested and independently verified by Cannabis Trade Association approved testing laboratories. 

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Cannabis Sativa
Hemp Terpenes
Refined Hempseed Oil
Grown Netherlands
Produced Netherlands
CBD Type Narrow Spectrum
THC 0.00%
Size 10ml (200 - 250 drops per bottle)

Do not exceed maximum daily dosage of 70mg.
Not suitable for children or if you’re pregnant.
Please talk to your doctor before using with any medication.
Do not exceed recommended dose.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Statements made on our website have been evaluated by the Cannabis Trade Association.
Aire CBD products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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How to use

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Shake well

After checking the lid’s on tight, give your bottle of wellness a little shake.

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Give it a squeeze

Unscrew and squeeze so the dropper fills up with the good stuff.

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Drop under your tongue

Place 2 or 3 drops under your tongue, hold for a minute, then swallow.

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