18th May 2019

Introducing Aire —
a better way to deal with every day.

By Vicky Dall 4min read

Aire CBD Oil Bottle and Box

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We’ll be launching our CBD oil blends very soon, but in the meantime, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about us and what we’ve got planned.

How it all started

Aire was created on the banks of the River Aire in Leeds at the end of 2018 by founders Adam and Oli.

Both had spent most of their careers working in the mad world of marketing agencies, which for anyone who knows, can be a pretty demanding, all-consuming place to earn a living. Independently of each other they discovered how using CBD oil regularly helped them cope better with the stresses and late nights that were simply viewed as ‘part of the job’.

When they ended up sharing an office together by the river in early 2018, it was their appreciation of CBD that inspired them to establish Aire, a business with a simple mission… to help people deal with every day in a better way.

Adam (left) and Oli (right) - our founders.

Our Products

In July 2019, we’ll be launching our CBD Oil blends – our first step to delivering on this mission. They’ll be on sale on our website and in selected retailers. Initially 5%, 10% and 15% blends will be available, meaning there will be one to suit every CBD user and routine. All blends are 100% natural, organic and vegan friendly.

In July 2019, we’ll be launching our cbd oil blends – our first step to delivering on this mission.

Unlike most oils on the market, we’ve selected refined broad-spectrum CBD rather than the usual full-spectrum. By using broad-spectrum we make sure our products include all the cannabinoids needed to kick-start the ‘entourage effect’ (essentially helping the CBD work more effectively) whilst also being able to deliver purer, more refined CBD.  The broad-spectrum process also means we get rid of all the psycho-active THC  – the stuff in cannabis that gets you high. The end result is a clear, mild-tasting but effective oil that can be used in lots of different ways.

All our production facilities follow EU regulations and our products are tested and approved by all relevant 3rd parties, including the UK Cannabis Trade Association, which we are proud members of.

In the near future we will be launching other CBD and wellbeing products. We’ll be sharing information and ideas on these as we go along (sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with what we’re up to).

Aire CBD 005

005 - our lightest blend –
perfect for those getting started with cbd. 5% strength.

aire CBD 010

010 - our mid-strength blend –
perfect for bringing balance every day. 10% strength.

015 - our strongest blend –
perfect for experienced cbd users. 15% strength.

The Aire Wellness Community

Our CBD oils are only part of the story.

Throughout the year we’ll be running community events, sharing wellbeing content and launching new initiatives all geared around helping you get through the working day and back home again with a smile on your face.

Our first wellness community event will be at this year’s Soul Circus festival in the Cotswolds, because as you know there’s not many better combinations than yoga and CBD for realigning your body and your mind. If you’re planning on being there, pop along to our stand and say hello.

aire CBD cares about mental health
Supporting Mental Health Charities

Mental health is a serious issue, and anyone who thinks they may be struggling with it should seek professional help as soon as possible. CBD is not a substitute for medical help.

It’s a subject close to our heart and we try and do our bit to help where we can. That’s why we’ll be donating £1 for every product sold to mental health charities and also raising money at events around the country. If you see us running past in lycra, please give generously…

That’s why we’ll be donating £1 for every product sold to mental health charities and also raising money at events around the country.


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